Jason Torres

I'm a technical co-founder.

10+ years of Ruby on Rails experience. 8 years as a CTO/Engineering Lead.

I've worked on almost 50+ projects of various sizes throughout my career as a developer, designer, architect, adviser, and a founder.

With clients globally, my works have reached and been used by companies like Deloitte, Github, Martha Stewart, Techcrunch, and more.

I've been leading software engineering teams for more than a decade and successfully launched startups and companies in San Francisco, Melbourne, London, and Manila. I travel frequently on these cities so we can arrange a meet for coffee or beer. People say I'm generally a nice guy so we'll get along easily.

I'm actively looking for founders to build companies with. If you're only looking for a team to build your product, I can do that too.


I founded and the CEO of Mashup Garage. A full stack software engineering house based in Manila, Philippines. I work with the best developers in the country.

Mashup Garage is an Elixir/Phoenix, React/React-Native, and Ruby on Rails Software Engineering Development Team in Manila, Philippines.

If you're looking for high code quality, design focused, and affordable software engineering, My team is currently for hire. Or I can hire and train developers for you.

My latest companies:

Law Advisor, Ticketbase, Slerp, One Tribe

Let's connect:

Message me on LinkedIn or email hello@mashupgarage.com.

Everywhere else: