Jason Torres

I'm a maker from Manila, Philippines.

I code Ruby. I'm also the CTO of Proudcloud.net

I'm a full stack developer/hacker. Design/UX is my hobby.


Proudcloud, Artisteconnect

The apps I've built:

Nowshowing.ph, Artisteconnect, Heygarch, Firefly, Guestlist, Startups.ph, Swap.ph.

Apps built with clients:

Lovvd, TheHairstyler, AuditionMagic, 70street, SocialCheck, Caterconcierge and more.

Other clients I've worked/consulted with in the past:

Deloitte, Globe, Abs-cbn, Mcdonalds, Exist Software Labs, Profriends Inc., Ledonne and a lot more I cannot disclose.

Reading List:

Check out my Goodreads and Readmill profiles.

I write here:

Medium, Coderwall

Everywhere else: